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Many credit cards come with perks that relatively few people know about, including extra insurance, cancellation protection, zero interest, and other perks. It’s well worth exploring if you’re planning on using a credit card for a long time. For more questions, you can visit websites like

Money Management

Getting paid monthly or semi-annually, not daily or weekly, is a different kind of reality and management game. The main benefit of paying with a credit card is that you’re not just making payments as soon as you receive them, but also keep on top of what you owe.

Some cards will take in a few hundred dollars each month, but if you pay them on time, you’ll have the funds coming in to pay off the balance to your credit card in advance of getting stuck with a small monthly balance. And if your financial goals involve spending and saving, a credit card can help you stay on the right financial track.

Sign up bonus

A sign up bonus is an extra bonus or bonus points you earn on a credit card if you sign up for one. If you’re a good credit-card user and you regularly make purchases, you could earn as much as $500 in bonus rewards if you’re a new card holder for several years.

Your bonus could be as much as $200, and if you’re lucky, you could earn up to $1,000 when you’re a loyal card holder. You could even earn up to $2,500 with a card that has a sign up bonus worth $4,000, and you could get even more by upgrading a card to a premier card from a participating retailer like Best Buy.

Card options

It’s important to take a look at the credit cards that you want to be sure you’re going to find that’s right for you. Once you have your new credit card, do a credit score review to make sure it’s the right one for you.

Travel options

Having travel options on your credit card is a smart move, but if you don’t plan on doing much travel, you may want to consider other cards for travel or business credit. There are plenty of airline credit cards with free checked luggage, Priority Pass membership, and extra benefits to reward travel and business users alike.

Account perks

Any credit card has perks like extended warranty and an extended warranty for home products. You might also be eligible for freebies or special offers, and there are plenty of bonus categories available to spend your credits on. While these don’t count toward your credit limit, you can use these perks to build your account balances.

View your rewards balance

Not all credit cards offer balance transfers, but if your credit card offers them, it’s an easy way to get more rewards. Keep a close eye on your current balance on all your credit cards to make sure your card has the most amount of available rewards to give you cash back or rewards points.

The Journey to Innovation………



If you made it to our recent “Britain in 2024″ event held at Grant Thornton, you’ll know that James Woudhuysen crammed an extraordinary number of themes into a couple of hours’ conversation.


We thought it might be instructive to try a little experiment; namely to distil the essence of Woudhuysen’s themes into an infographic. It was certainly challenging to borrow concepts from so many interwoven themes, but we think we’ve put together a useful narrative around just one of the driving forces which will influence a future Britain, namely Innovation. Of course, innovation will also be relevant to many of our businesses, too.


There’s a high resolution PDF, which will print fine up to A1 portrait size. Click here to download it. (73.3mb).


Alternatively, just click on the image below to open a larger (1403 x 1987px) version in a new window.

Branding is the essence of a company; potential and existing customers perceive the company by the branding. Attractive, clear, and informative branding can generate some buzz for customers.

And if you’re looking for an innovative approach to your communication or marketing challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Britain in 2024–What’s changing?



In any marketing or communication role, it’s important to stay abreast of current and future trends. That’s why ModComms has invited James Woudhuysen, Professor of Innovation and Forecasting, De Montfort University to deliver a fun 20 minute talk at Grant Thornton this summer.


In quickfire order, James will cover diverse topics such as:


  • Economy
  • Leadership + Work
  • Financialisation + Payments
  • Demography + Trust
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • IT and Digital


Whether it’s robots that cook your dinner, the collapse of trust in traditional institutions, or why you won’t recognise the high street… You will leave the evening with a different way of looking at the world!


James has worked with us at ModComms recently on a client project to explore the “Future of Manufacturing”. Videos will follow when they’re published.


There will be some Q&A at the end, after which people are free to eat, drink and chat.


Location: Grant Thornton House, 22 Melton St, London NW1 2EP

Date / Time: Thursday 31st July – 6.30pm arrival. 7.00pm start. 8.00pm finish


Tube: Euston


There’s a nominal £10 charge to cover food and drink. Just let me know if you’d like to come via email: matt AT modcommslimited DOT com.


I’d like to thank Jodie Wissmiller at Grant Thornton for hosting the gathering!

Bringing mailers alive with video..

By Matt O’Neill


Regular ModComms client, Kofax, came to us before christmas asking for some assistance with a mailer campaign they were putting together for the DACH region (German Speaking Europe).


They were looking for something to show how their Capture software interfaces with Microsoft Sharepoint. ModComms creative team worked alongside their in-house marketing department to produce this short video.


It describes how Kofax Capture can be used by Compliance, Finance and Operations. All in under two minutes. They described it as ‘new and modern’.

ModComms – The “Explainer Video”


By Matt O’Neill


As part of the ModComms “facelift”, we decided to produce a short video which tells strangers something about us. I’m a big fan of ‘explainer videos’ as if done right, they should be able to tell someone what a company does in 60 seconds or less. Granted, we took the full 60 seconds here.


This will be used as part of a new PitchPack marketing campaign about to start next week. Recipients of the PitchPack Video Brochures will get a personalised video intro from yours truly. Despite mine being a ‘face for radio’, hopefully they’ll like the message and sentiment expressed.


ModComms goes to China



By Matt O’Neill


I recently returned from an extended trip to China.


This included visiting the factory where we make PitchPack Video Brochures. There’s a lot to say about how business is conducted in China. Having traded with various entities in the Shenzhen region, I have to say that doing business in China has always been an honourable, straightforward process.


In the coming weeks, i’ll be posting some observations about the differences I noticed. Watch this space.

Something to SIMPLY SMILE about


By Matt O’Neill


A few weeks ago, I was flattered to be asked to run a session at Simply Communicate’s “SMILE 2013” conference.


SMILE is an acronym for “Social Media Inside the Large Enterprise”. It takes place on Monday 23rd September and will be the largest event of Social Media Week London.


Amongst the heavyweight speakers, there will be some great comms people moderating other topics on the day. These include Neville Hobson,Benjamin Ellis, Rachel Miller, Luke Mepham, Ezri Carlebach, Wedge Black, Kevin Ruck, Chris Elmitt, Sobia Aslam, Dana Leeson and Sean Trainor.


ModComms (50% shareholder in EventExtra) will be there representing the business to run a discussion group aimed at exploring the value of Social Media for Internal Conferences. Its real advantage is in facilitating a lifecycle around events. We’ll have an opportunity to look at how Social tools can be used before, during and after events. And perhaps most importantly why this matters!


I always feel we should practice what we preach to those we work with. With that in mind, we’ve created the short video above which gives a little consideration to some of the issues we might discuss on the day. If you can’t see it below, go directly to it here.


12/09/2013: After two requests for a HD download version, you can get it here.


For more details and to sign up for the conference, just visit the Simply Smile website!


The Twitter hashtag is #smwSMILE