The Journey to Innovation………



If you made it to our recent “Britain in 2024″ event held at Grant Thornton, you’ll know that James Woudhuysen crammed an extraordinary number of themes into a couple of hours’ conversation.


We thought it might be instructive to try a little experiment; namely to distil the essence of Woudhuysen’s themes into an infographic. It was certainly challenging to borrow concepts from so many interwoven themes, but we think we’ve put together a useful narrative around just one of the driving forces which will influence a future Britain, namely Innovation. Of course, innovation will also be relevant to many of our businesses, too.


There’s a high resolution PDF, which will print fine up to A1 portrait size. Click here to download it. (73.3mb).


Alternatively, just click on the image below to open a larger (1403 x 1987px) version in a new window.


And if you’re looking for an innovative approach to your communication or marketing challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch!